Greg P.

Greg P.
Insurance Replacement Manager and Shop Foreman
Works At:

Hi I am Greg Pederson.  I am one of the managers and I get to wear a lot of hats during the day, which is a lot of fun.  I started at Laskers in 1970 as the stock and mail boy and then learned how to do engraving.  I attended watch making school after high school and did my apprenticeship to become a licensed watch maker.  I returned to Laskers in 1976 and have been here ever since.  I have since had GIA training and have completed AGS courses.  I am the registered Jeweler titleholder for our store and still do some watch repairs along with appraisals and diamond grading.  I also manage our in-store shop where we have three goldsmiths and we do the majority of our repairs in house. 

But, the best part of my job is getting time out on the sales floor and working with our customers.  One of the neatest things is that I am now seeing second and third generation customers, which is a lot of fun, as well as rewarding. 

Laskers has been a wonderful place to spend my career; we are like a huge family working together.