Krystal L.

Krystal L.
Sales Consultant & Repair Coordinator
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Hello~ My name is Krystal Larson. I am an Eau Claire resident of 28 years now and have been with Lasker Jewelers since 2002.  Since I started with Lasker Jewelers, I've felt truly blessed to be given an opportunity to handle and sell such fine jewelry. Jewelry is something for which I've always had a passion.  I take immense pride in my service here. I feel that customer service is of utmost importance as it may be the link that sets us apart from other retail establishments. Along with selling jewelry, I'm also the repair liaison, processing incoming and outgoing repairs and ensuring each repair is completed as promised.

Lasker Jewelers has always prided itself in their provision of fine jewelry and a display of integrity that is second to none!

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