Northstar is the exclusive lab crafted diamond brand of Lasker Jewelers. Our history with diamonds goes back over 90 years.  We have been deliberate and exceptionally thoughtful in our choice of lab crafted diamonds. Only recently have we found the diamonds that meet our high standards of beauty, quality and are sensitive to the environment. Less than 2 percent of the world’s lab crafted diamonds meet our exacting standards. We’ve spent the last few years finding ethical and responsible sources that allow us to partner for the very finest diamonds the world can produce. Each Northstar diamond is ethically made and 100% real. All of the physical properties are the same as our earth made diamonds. We passed on the early generations of lab grown diamonds (and the majority of other lab made diamonds that are out there) in order to partner with credible craftspeople who meet our quality benchmarks. Now we proudly offer quality certification by independent diamond graders that hold our Northstar diamonds to the same standards as our earth grown diamonds. Verified. Graded. And most important, absolutely stunning!