Lab-Grown Diamonds

Lasker Jewelers has always been at the forefront of new products in our industry.  Lab-grown diamonds are such a product in today’s marketplace.  Being that Laskers stocks and sells lab-grown diamonds as well as naturally mined diamonds, we feel it is our responsibility to present an honest, transparent, and unbiased education about lab-grown diamonds for all our customers.   We are your experts for naturally-mined and lab-grown diamonds.     See our collection of lab grown diamonds HERE

Below are some answers to commonly asked questions. 

What are Lab-Grown Diamonds?

Unlike natural diamonds which formed in earth’s mantle billions of years ago and traveled toward its crust through volcanic activity, lab-grown diamonds are produced by man in a laboratory (just as the name suggests). Lab-grown diamonds are a product of modern technology. Using a slice of natural diamond as a host seed, scientists use a powerful reactor to imitate the temperature and pressure conditions of earth’s core to grow the seed into a larger diamond crystal. These man-made diamonds do consist of actual carbon atoms arranged in the characteristic diamond structure.  Since they are made from the same material as natural diamonds, lab-diamonds will exhibit the same optical and chemical properties. 

Are Lab-Grown Diamonds Real?

A recent amendment to a previous Federal Trade Commission (FTC) ruling, only naturally mined diamonds can be referred to as real diamonds.  The FTC mandates that lab-grown diamonds must be presented and named as such:  Lab-grown, lab-created, or (brand name) lab-grown / created diamonds.  It is unlawful to represent a lab-grown diamond as natural under any circumstance, as is the use of the word “real” in their description.   

What are the advantages to buying a Lab-Grown Diamond?

Lab-grown diamonds can offer a 30% to 50% price savings over a naturally mined diamond of the same carat weight, color, clarity and cut.

Are their disadvantages to buying a Lab-Grown Diamond?

Lab-Grown diamonds are a product of technology.  Like most tech-products, value becomes less stable as time goes on.  The production capability increases as the process becomes more efficient and the technology to grow them advances.  Since the introduction of these diamonds to the mainstream marketplace just 5 – 6 years ago, we have experienced value reductions by 40% - 50%.   We expect this downward trend to continue.  What a lab-grown diamond sells for today most likely will not be what it’s valued in the future.  Any trade-in of a Lasker Lab-Grown diamond will be determined based on the market conditions of at the time of trade.  

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