Lasker Jewelers Vs. Online Companies

​​​​​​​Why Laskers is the obvious choice for your diamond purchase

Our family has been in the diamond business since 1928. We know that not all diamonds that appear to have the same grade are created equal. There are many factors is determining real value. Let Lasker’s expertise work for you. 

Jewelers like us get first look at new productions from the world’s largest diamond cutters. Our buyers meticulously pick what we want to purchase based on value and beauty. In fact, we select less than 10% of all the diamonds we look at. Where do you think the remaining diamonds end up? 

Online companies do not stock any of the diamonds they list. They only work off lists imported into their website’s software program. Hence, they have never viewed any of the diamonds they sell. What do they really know about any of those diamonds? 

The vast majority of diamonds on these lists are held in India or Hong Kong. The grading on the reports are held to a lower standard and are inferior compared to those held in the U.S.

Search any size diamond with the same color and clarity grades and you will discover that there is broad range of prices that could be separated by 1,000’s of dollars. Why would there be that much difference for seemingly the same diamond? Simply put, not all diamonds are created equal, regardless of grade. 

When shopping on online, the consumer is forced to purchase the diamond without ever seeing it. Our buyers never rely on the grading reports alone and would never buy diamonds without viewing them first – neither should you. 

Lasker’s offers you extreme confidence in your purchase. We stand behind your diamond and mounting with a lifetime warranty. We also have a generous upgrade program. Our instore shop allows us to service your purchase like no online company can. Laskers – the easy choice.