Linked by Lasker

What is Linked by Lasker?

Quality, 14 Karat permanent bracelets and anklets are here! Schedule an appointment to choose your chain style and have your chain permanently welded to your wrist or ankle. With a quick flash, our technicians will weld the chain together so there is no clasp, and it is meant to last a long time.

What to know

Linked by Lasker permanent jewelry appointments will take approximately 15-25 minutes and are available to book Thursdays, Fridays and Saturdays. When booking more than 2 people, please select multiple time slots OR call to set up a special booking. When you come into the store, you pick out your chain and add any charms or gems from our Linked by Lasker permanent jewelry collection. If you need to remove your permanent jewelry for some reason, or if it breaks, we can help you get re-linked again for a small fee of $20.

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