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We Buy Gold and Diamonds

Posted 8/8/2014

Life can get pretty depressing at the bottom of your jewelry box. Just ask your old class ring. It doesn't yell "go team" anymore. In fact, it's been lying in the darkness for years, collecting dust, probably screaming "let me outta here." What about that old necklace your ex-ex-boyfriend gave you? Or that single earring with no partner, circa office party 1997? Now is your chance to set your old jewelry free and get cash or new jewelry when you trade in your old, broken or mismatched gold and platinum. 

Selling Your Gold

Lasker Jewelers gold buying process is easy and transparent. Stop in to Lasker Jewelers and one of our expert associates will sit down with you, ascertain the karat of your gold, weigh your gold and give you a honest value. Then, you decide if you want to take the value in cash or apply it to toward the purchase of a new item. If you decide to sell your gold, we will give you cash while you're in the store.

Selling Your Diamond

Selling your diamond to Laskers Jewelers is a worry free process. Our trusted diamond experts will study the quality characteristics of your diamond, value the diamond according to market prices and make you a fair and honest offer. 


We all know that diamonds can't actually shrink, but sometimes it seems that way. Regardless of where you purchased your jewelry, we'll evaluate each piece towards the purchase of something new. Whether its a larger pair of diamond stud earrings, a new diamond pendant or a larger center stone in your original engagement ring, we will determine the value of your original diamond that can be applied toward the new purchase. 

Buy Back

Unfortunately, jewelry can lose its emotional significance for a variety of reasons. Laskers will evaluate and offer to buy back jewelry that was previously purchased from us. 

Costume Jewelry

If you have costume jewelry that doesn't have any "melt" value we will gladly add it to our recycling box.  We are collecting costume jewelry that we will give to local non-profits to be used for costumes, art projects, anything that re-uses it!   If you know of an organization that would benefit from the costume jewelry just let us know eauclaire@laskers.com .



*Store credit on gold buys are not valid on previously purchased items or online purchases. Store credit must be used the same day as trade-in. A trade-in offer is for a limited time and available in store only.*