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How We Buy Diamonds


Diamond buying is a complex and intricate process that involves many variables. It takes a well trained eye and a vast knowledge of diamonds to select the perfect stone. Big jewelry companies don’t have the time to select each stone individually, so they buy large numbers of stones hoping to find a few good stones, while sometimes compromising on others.

At Lasker Jewelers, we’ve spent over 80 years developing relationships with diamond cutters in Belgium, Israel, India, and the United States. Due to our well respected reputation, we are able to hand select only the most brilliant diamonds that meet our stringent standards for quality and value. We have a buyer whose entire job is to seek out only the most elegant, lustrous diamonds at the best value for you, the customer. Laskers’ reputation and the ability to pay on-the-spot, has provided us the opportunity to work directly with the world’s biggest diamond cutters to obtain the best value possible.

Our strict buying standards allows you to rest assured that each diamond you find at Lasker Jewelers is obtained from legitimate sources and hand selected for brilliance and value with one thing in mind, you. We have a vast selection of diamonds for you to choose from, so stop in to hand select your perfect diamond today.