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Lazare Kapalan Diamonds


Founded in 1903, Lazare Kaplan International Inc. has become the premier diamond-cutting company in the world. Its tradition of excellence gives those who buy a Lazare Diamond the confidence that they have made the finest choice. The owner of a Lazare Diamond© possesses not only “The world’s most beautiful diamond” but also a share in one of the richest traditions in the diamond world.

In 1919, Lazare Kaplan collaborated with his cousin to develop a mathematical thesis for cutting diamonds to precise angles and proportions to gain the optimum reflection
and refraction of light.  He became the first to cut diamonds to ideal proportions making him both a pioneer and a legend in the diamond community. 


Today, Lazare Kaplan International is still dedicated to the highest standards in the diamond industry worldwide, cutting every LAZARE diamond to produce maximum brilliance, scintillation and fire. 


In addition, Lazare Kaplan International (LKI) has been an industry leader concerning human rights issues as well as social, ethical and environmental responsibilities.   LKI
follows a “Zero Tolerance” policy for conflict diamonds and has been certified compliant with the Responsible Jewelers Council’s Code of Principles.  Their Ongoma Initiative in Africa is one of the very few of its kind in the industry.  The initiative supports quality of life in Namibia by giving back to schools and hospitals.   LKI is also a leading sponsor of the African America Institute that promotes and finances post-graduate education programs for more than 23,000 African students in the United States.

 Visit Lasker Jewelers and share in the rich and responsible tradition of ideal-cut diamonds from Lazare Kaplan. LAZARE diamonds are available loose to create your own heirloom or as finished rings, pendants, earrings and bracelets.