Lasker Jewelers wants to make sure that your jewelry lasts a lifetime. We offer several services to keep your jewelry looking its best, and to ensure that it is covered should something happen to your jewelry. Feel free to contact us 507.288.5214 or schedule an appointment to have us look at your jewelry or tell you more about the services listed below.

  • Jewelry Services

    If it's broken we can fix it. Our laser welder can repair almost anything. If we can't fix it or the cost to fix it would be cost prohibitive we'll let you know what your options are.

  • Watch Repair & Batteries

    In our Eau Claire location we have a watch maker on staff. If he is unable to fix your watch we have outside repair shops where we can send it.

  • Ring Sizing & Repairs

    Our Eau Claire location has three goldsmiths and our Rochester location has one goldsmith. Our goldsmiths take care of sizing, repairs, custom jewelry design, and fabrication. We have a state of the art laser welder that makes what used to be impossible-possible.

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  • Custom Design & Fabrication

    Whether you want to recreate a ring or start fresh, we can help. We can do everything from the most basic resetting to a custom design produced using CAD technology.

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  • Appraisals

    After so many years in business we have many filing cabinets full of past appraisals. It's pretty cool to look back at some of the old prices! We now digitize our appraisals so we are able to offer appraisal updates on Lasker merchandise, purchased after 2005, at no additional charge. We want your jewelry to be protected. We strongly encourage you to insure your fine jewelry. Our store is insured with Jewelers Mutual, a company specializing in jewelry insurance coverage.

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  • Trade-in

    If you trade in a Lasker diamond, you only have to pay 50% more than what you paid for the original diamond. To save you money, we don't increase the trade-in value. Some stores make it sound like it's a good deal for you but it probably isn't. If it isn't a Lasker diamond we can still take it in on trade you simply have to spend double its trade in value. We generally evaluate outside trades at what we would sell the item for at retail. We also buy your old gold, silver, and platinum at scrap value.

  • Cleaning

    We'll clean your rings and jewelry anytime for free, whether it is from Lasker Jewelers or not. The best advertising for us is your sparkling jewels. When we clean your ring we inspect it for damage and may suggest repairs.

  • Insurance Replacement

    There is nothing worse than losing a piece of jewelry. We encourage all of our guests to insure their jewelry either through a separate homeowners jewelry rider, renters insurance, or through Jewelers Mutual.

  • Warranties

    We stand behind what we sell. We expect that you will take reasonable care of your jewelry and allow us to clean and inspect it periodically. Our engagement rings come with a unique Lasker Guarantee that covers your maintenance at no additional charge. This guarantee is available in our stores. If you will be living away from one of our stores we will gladly refer you to a jeweler in your new town for any warranty issues. We are members of both the American Gem Society and Continental Buying Group. Between these two organizations we will be able to refer you to someone you can trust and we trust them to take good care of you!

  • Financing

    We offer Wells Fargo Financial as a financing option. There are various plans available and are all interest free with minimum payments. We understand that you may have limited credit. If you are turned down by Wells Fargo there are times when we are able to help you finance your jewelry with a Lasker Jewelers account. We also have Layaway available. We're eager to help you finance your purchase.

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  • Gift Wrap

    Anything you buy at Lasker Jewelers comes with our signature wrap. We believe that the outside of the box should be as beautiful as what is inside. You don't pay more for the Lasker box-there is just more in it.