Lasker jewelers was founded in 1928 by Max Lasker, a Polish immigrant who entered the US through Ellis Island. Max fought in World War 1 and earned his US citizenship. He then settled in Eau Claire, Wisconsin and opened a jewelry and watch store in downtown Eau Claire in 1928, just prior to The Great Depression. Despite The Depression, Max’s strong work ethic and community involvement allowed him to create a successful business. He always said his favorite part of owning a business was creating relationships and helping people celebrate the milestones in their lives. Max’s wife, Millie, never worked in the business but volunteered at the Red Cross, Luther hospital, and many other organizations. She always said her job was to make other people’s lives better. This commitment to making her community a better place is deeply instilled in the Lasker culture.

Max died suddenly in 1963 and his son, Charles Lasker, left college and took over running the store.


In 1973, Charles saw a great opportunity when the Blickle Family wanted to sell their jewelry store in the Kahler Grand Hotel located across form the Mayo Clinic in Rochester,MN. Charles purchased the business and renamed it Lasker-Blickle Jewelers. Today it is known only as Lasker Jewelers.

In 1998 Nicole Lasker, Charles’ daughter, joined the business. Nicole gained experience in the industry working for other jewelers. This experience allowed her to bring new ideas into the family business. They worked together building the two stores into the largest jewelry stores in each market. Nicole’s sister, Liz Lasker Falkner, joined the staff in 2006, allowing Charles to step back from day to day operations. Charles passed away in 2016. Lasker jewelers is currently owned by Nicole and Liz.