Engagement Ring Buying Guide

Welcome to Lasker’s guide to engagement rings! Here, we will explore the meaning and symbolism behind these precious pieces of jewelry.

What Does An Engagement Ring Symbolize?

An engagement ring is a symbol of love, commitment, and devotion. It represents the intention of two people to spend the rest of their lives together in a committed relationship. The ring's circular shape represents eternity, as there is no beginning or end to a circle. This is meant to represent the endless love and commitment that the couple shares. The use of precious metals and stones signifies the value and importance of the relationship.

Types of Engagement Rings Engagement rings come in many different styles and designs, each with its own unique beauty and symbolism. Some of the most popular types of engagement rings include: 

Solitaire: A classic design featuring a single diamond or other precious stone set in a simple band. 

Halo: A ring featuring a central diamond or stone surrounded by smaller diamonds or stones, creating a halo effect. 

Three-Stone: A ring featuring three stones, with the center stone typically larger than the two side stones, symbolizing your past, present, and future together.  

Vintage: A ring with intricate, antique-inspired designs that evoke a sense of history and romance. 

Colored Stone: A ring featuring a colored gemstone, such as sapphire, ruby, or emerald, as the central stone.  

Settings & Ring Styles 

Beyond the diamond shape and size, you can choose a type of ring setting that will complement your stone and make your diamond shine brilliantly. While there are a variety of settings to choose from some of the most popular are prong, shared prong, bezel, channel and pavé.

The style of your engagement ring not only compliments your diamond, but can match your unique personality. While every bride prefers a different ring style, the most popular types are classic, antique, estate, art deco and vintage.

Proposal Ready Rings

While you can build a bright, brilliant and beautiful ring for your partner, choosing a ready-to-wear engagement ring is another way to find the perfect piece.

Wedding Bands

Ahead of your big day, you’ll need a wedding band. These are exchanged during the ceremony and complete the engagement ring set. At Laskers, we have both men’s and women’s diamond wedding bands to match your preferences and personality.

Custom Design 

At Lasker Jewelers, we know how important your engagement ring purchase is and want you to love every facet of your diamond. So, if you don’t find the perfect match among our inventory or want a truly one-of-a-kind wedding ring, we’ll make it for you!

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