Why Lasker Jewelers for Diamonds

When you’re ready to purchase a diamond, you’ll find that there are many options available in the market. However, with such a significant investment, it’s important to find a reputable source.

Since 1928, Laskers has provided our communities with the highest quality diamonds. Jewelers like us have the first look at new productions from the most renowned and ethical diamond suppliers. Our buyers meticulously sort through thousands of diamonds, selecting less than 10%. 

But… where do you think the remaining diamonds end up?

The majority of the time, the remaining diamonds that are sub-par are sold by online retailers. These brands have never seen the diamonds they sell. Their inventory is simply imported by third-party distributors from countries like India and Hong Kong.

Furthermore, the customer also makes their purchase without fully understanding what they’re getting and without a local service care promise.

Our buyers don’t rely on grading reports alone. Plus, we would never buy diamonds without viewing them first… And neither should you! 

We offer extreme confidence in your purchase, standing behind your stone with the Lasker Promise and natural diamond trade-in programs. When you choose Laskers as your source for diamond jewelry, you can trust that you’ll receive the highest quality pieces. From classic diamond studs to bridal engagement rings, our store is home to a stunning, world-class selection. Explore our expansive collections yourself by scheduling an appointment with us.