Jewelry Cleaning

One of the most important aspects of maintaining the beauty of your jewelry is the amount of care put into its preservation. Regular cleanings and proper storage will keep your treasures shining for years to come. And, keeping your jewelry in excellent condition starts with gentle treatment. 

How to Wear 

Although diamond is known as the hardest material on earth, it still runs the risk of being chipped. A hard blow to the girdle (its middle) or culet (the pointy bottom) may damage your precious gemstone. Aside from this, a diamond is essentially indestructible. However, consistent strenuous wear and tear can lead to damage. To maintain the integrity and luster of your jewelry, it’s best to avoid wearing your pieces while you sleep, exercise or handle harsh chemicals.


  • EVERY night before bed (necklaces & pendants get stretched and kinked, threads wear at prongs on all jewelry causing prongs to be damaged & lose gems, etc)
  • Before showering and using lotion(certain chemicals will wear away rhodium platings, oils will leave film on diamonds)
  • When using heavy household cleaners (will wear away at metal and rhodium platings, can cause chemical reactions)
  •  Before working out (prevents damage, nicks, scratches, and kinks or bends)
  • Chlorine pools (will discolor rings, cause chemical damage)
  • Gardening (rings can get dirt trapped in the setting. If wearing gloves, be careful not to lose your ring. If you're working with fertilizer, it can impact the finish on your ring. Working with gardening tools can also cause rings to get bent out of shape.)
  • Cooking (if food gets stuck in your ring, it may cause skin irritation from bacteria)

How to Clean 

Cleaning your jewelry regularly is the best way to maintain the longevity of your pieces. Plus, it’s simple and easy to do at home with a few gentle products. To start, mix dish soap and hot water together in a bowl. Then, soak your jewelry in the bowl for a few minutes. This will loosen any dirt and debris that have accumulated on your jewelry. To ensure thorough cleaning, you can take a soft bristled toothbrush and gently wipe away any stubborn dirt and grime. Once your piece is clean, rinse with cool water and dry it with a soft cloth.

FREE Professional Cleaning

If you need a deeper clean or assistance maintaining your jewelry, bring in your pieces to Laskers. We offer professional jewelry cleaning services to help you keep your collection fresh, clean and sparkling.

How to Keep 

To ensure the longevity of your jewels, it's best to store your pieces in a jewelry box to prevent your chains from tangling or metals from scratching. Keeping your pieces separate from one another will also prevent accidental damage. And if you plan on traveling with your fine jewelry, be sure to carry them in a travel case to guarantee safe and secure handling. Small, sealable bags are useful for home storage and traveling with your jewelry.