Diamond Buying Guide

We buy diamonds for a range of reasons, from getting engaged to honoring special moments. The process of buying a diamond is different from purchasing anything else, however. Purchasing a diamond ring or jewelry is an experience many customers may not be familiar with, which is why our highly trained diamond experts take time to educate our customers on the following highlights.  

We hope this guide helps provide you with clarity for the most common diamond buying questions - Where do you start? How do you tell what a good, quality diamond is? Is it all about the carats or are there other other aspects to consider when sizing up a stone?

This Diamond Buying Guide is a general overview that may help you prepare for your diamond buying experience. From the 4 C’s to purchasing insurance to protect your jewelry investment, we’ll walk you through the steps of shopping for your very own dazzling diamond. And remember, if you ever have any questions, our team of skilled diamond experts are always ready to assist you.

Step 1: Begin With a Budget

When it comes to buying a diamond, you should first determine your budget. There’s no right or wrong answer for this. It entirely depends on your individual situation. 

At Laskers, we offer competitive payment plans to help make your purchase a manageable investment.

Step 2: Meet the 4 C’s

Diamonds are evaluated by what is known as the 4 C’s – cut, clarity, color and carat weight. 

  • Cut: this refers to how light reflects through the diamond to make it sparkle. Diamond cutting is a skilled craft and is the only one of the 4 C’s  controlled by man.  A quality cut makes the diamond truly radiant. 

  • Clarity: natural diamonds have small internal characteristics  you usually can’t see with the naked eye.  They are mother’s nature’s fingerprint. These internal characteristics (called blemishes and inclusions) impact the way light flows through a stone. If there are too many, they can make the diamond appear cloudy.

  • Color: diamonds come in a range of hues from colorless to possessing a warm yellow tint. While colorless stones are considered most desirable, lightly colored stones can still make a good choice for your piece. In some cases, a distinctly colored diamond is considered more rare and holds a much higher value.
  • Carat weight: carats describe the weight, not the size, of the diamond. 1 carat weighs about as much as 1 paperclip. 

By learning about the 4 C’s, you’ll have a better handle on what qualities make a diamond stand out and find a stone that best suits your budget. A diamond expert should visually walk you through examples of these 4 C’s so you can be better informed in your decision making process.

Step 3: Select Your Shape

The shape of the stone is often confused with the cut. Shape refers to different styles the diamond comes in, such as princess, emerald, oval and marquise. When choosing a shape, go with the one that most strikes your fancy.

Step 4: Buy With Confidence

Lasker’s expert diamond buyers hand-select  each and every diamond we purchase. We choose the best diamond options for our customers based on value and quality.   Through buying group affiliations and contacts across the globe, Laskers has  the same buying power (or better!) as the largest chain-store and internet-only jewelers. Due to our excellent reputation and credit, Laskers has the ability to work with some of the world’s largest diamond cutting companies. As a boutique, family-owned store, we are very proud  of the quality and value we offer our customers!

Step 5: Insure Your Treasure

Insuring your priceless piece is a wise decision because you never know what may happen in life. Enjoy peace of mind when you protect your diamond with a plan through Zillion.

Do you have underinsured or uninsured jewelry you currently own? Every month Laskers has an expert appraiser who can provide a certified appraisal for insurance purposes. Please see our events page for more details.

Step 6: Trust Your Eyes (and Laskers!)

No matter what stage of the buying process you are in, always trust yourself. Never allow anyone to pressure you into purchasing a diamond! The experience of shopping for a diamond should be fun and exciting, not high pressure. So, stop by one of our three locations today to get started.