What is Linked by Laskers?

Quality, 14 Karat solid gold permanent bracelets and anklets are here! Schedule an appointment to choose your chain style and have your chain permanently welded to your wrist or ankle. With a quick flash, our technicians will weld the chain together so there is no clasp, and it is meant to last a long time.


What to know

Linked by Laskers permanent jewelry appointments will take approximately 15-25 minutes and are available to book during our normal business hours.

When booking more than 2 people, please select multiple time slots OR call to set up a special booking. When you come into the store, you pick out your chain and add any charms or gems from our Linked by Laskers permanent jewelry collection.

If you need to remove your permanent jewelry for some reason, or if it breaks, we can help you get re-linked again for a small fee of $20.

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Frequently Asked Questions

Linked By Laskers is a permanent jewelry trend! Quality, 14 karat bracelets and anklets are quickly welded to fit your wrist or ankle perfectly by one of our trained technicians. We have a variety of chain styles to choose from.  Bring your best friend, family, or wedding party to Lasker Jewelers for a fun and memorable experience that lasts!

No way Jose’….. Just a little flash and a thrill!

Yes, the Linked By Laskers experience is offered by appointment only. Scheduled appointments allow time for you to discover our collection and personalize your jewelry. 1-2 people typically take 15-25 minutes.Schedule your appointment today!

Weeks, months, or even years! This depends entirely on your lifestyle. Please note, anklets are more likely to snag, stretch, or break. They can be removed with wire cutters, if necessary, and re-welded with an appointment.

Our chains are NOT plated or gold-filled, they are solid 14K gold so they are more durable and the gold doesn't wear off.

We choose delicate links for light, comfortable, and fashionable daily wear. We are unable to replace lost jewelry but if you have the chain, come on in. We can help you “get linked” again for a small fee of $20.

No problem. Generally speaking, lightweight jewelry goes through security scanners just fine. You will not have to remove your Linked by Lasker bracelet or anklet.

Silver is far less durable than gold. We want you to have an experience that stands the test of time, so we do not offer Linked By Lasker jewelry in silver. We do have some chains available in white gold or rose gold.

Absolutely! We want your jewelry to be a unique as you are. We are as careful with your jewelry as we are our own, so we do not “link” items not purchased from the Linked By Laskers signature collection.

Linked By Laskers is a wonderful gift for that special someone, however, the experience is highly personalized. If you would like to present this as a gift, we recommend purchasing a gift card, with instructions to contact us for the appointment. Contact our sales team for advice!