Natural Diamond Trade In Options

Can You Trade in a Diamond?

Yes, you can! In fact, we offer a special natural diamond trade in program called “Grow a Diamond*,” designed to get bigger or higher quality natural diamonds in (and on) your hands.

How Does it Work?

Buy a natural diamond today from Laskers, and if you want something larger or more valuable in the future, you can trade it in and receive a credit for the same amount you paid for it! This trade-in program applies only to natural diamonds and does not apply to laboratory grown diamonds. Loose diamonds, diamonds from solitaire engagement rings, the center diamonds in most engagement rings, diamond solitaire pendants and diamond stud earrings are examples of settings that are eligible. This program has no expiration date, so you can grow your diamond at any time in the future.

Here’s an example:

  • You purchased a pair of 1.00 ct. total weight diamond studs last December for $3000
  • You now want a pair of 1.50ct. total weight diamond studs which are $5900
  • We give you credit for $3000, taking the 1.00ct. pair back
  • You owe the difference of $2900, and applicable sales tax

Bigger or Better Quality Diamonds

Diamond trade in has never been so easy. You could start your daughter with the seed of a small pair of diamond studs as a child and watch it grow over the years. Walk her down the aisle at her wedding with 1.00 carat in each ear! 

Ready to grow? Speak with a Lasker team member today about this unique opportunity.

*Program option does not apply to laboratory grown diamonds.