Lab Grown Diamond Guide 

At Lasker Jewelers and Lasker Diamonds, we’re dedicated to providing the latest styles, designs and trends. Not only do we carry top designers, but both natural and lab grown diamonds so that you can find the perfect piece for you. So, if you’re ready to propose with a brilliant diamond engagement ring or are looking to upgrade an existing diamond, our diamond experts can help you decide between a natural diamond or a lab grown diamond. We’re here to guide you with honesty, transparency and education about all diamonds. 

What is a  Lab Grown Diamond?

Unlike natural diamonds which formed in earth’s mantle billions of years ago, lab grown diamonds are produced in a laboratory. Using a slice of natural diamond as a host seed, scientists use a powerful reactor to imitate the temperature and pressure of earth’s core to grow the seed into a larger diamond crystal. These man-made diamonds do consist of actual carbon atoms arranged in the characteristic diamond structure.  Since they are made from the same material as natural diamonds, lab-diamonds will exhibit the same optical and chemical properties to the human eye.

Lab Grown vs. Natural Diamonds 

While natural and lab grown diamonds have their differences, they are made of the same material. In order for any diamond to develop, carbon, heat and pressure mingle to create these lustrous gemstones we all love. 

A natural diamond is formed over millions of years and is a limited resource, so therefore tends to maintain or grow in value. Laskers offers a trade-in program for natural diamonds purchased through us, so you can grow your diamond at any time in the future.

A laboratory grown diamond can easily be manufactured and therefore is lower priced. The prices of laboratory grown diamonds have decreased steadily over the past few years, so they don’t tend to hold the same value as when purchased. All sales of lab-grown diamonds are final after 30-days. Lab-grown diamonds and lab-grown diamond jewelry are not eligible for future trade-in.

There are differing perspectives on the environmental and social impact of Lab Grown vs. Natural Diamonds. At Laskers, we only sell conflict free and environmentally responsible diamonds - no matter the origin.

To the untrained eye, both natural and lab grown diamonds are identical but most jewelers have tools that can easily detect the difference between lab and natural diamonds.

Ultimately, the decision to buy a natural diamond or a lab grown diamond will depend on your preferences and priorities. Lasker diamond experts can help you through that decision making process so you feel confident in your choice.