You Are Entered!

Thank you for your submission to the Lasker Jewelers “We’re Engaged” contest! You have been entered into our Summer contest. 

Important Dates:

  • All entries from 7/22-9/28 will be posted on our Instagram and Facebook pages.
  • After 9/28 we allow all entries more time for shares, comments, and likes. We count all likes on 10/18 for both Facebook and Instagram, and the winner will be announced. 
  • We encourage you to share the post publicly and solicit comments and likes. The submissions with the most comments and likes on both Instagram and Facebook will win a $500 in-store credit. 

Tips to Win:

  • If you feel comfortable, make your shared post public on both Instagram and Facebook.
  • Use the hashtags #wereengaged #laskercouple #laskerjewelers
  • Reshare as the contest draws near to an end.

Your Lasker's Sales Consultant will notify you our planned date to post your picture and story.

We are so grateful that you shared your story with us and wish you the best as you begin your new life together.