Celebrate Bonds with Permanent Jewelry

Posted on May 01 2023

The bond between a mother and her child, two best friends, or a couple is important to recognize and celebrate. Permanent jewelry is a beautiful way to honor these connections and remind ourselves every day of the important people in our life. At Laskers you can find the perfect bracelet to commemorate your friendship and love…together. So,  consider getting Linked by Laskers for a truly memorable experience. 

What is Permanent Jewelry?

Our permanent bracelets and anklets are simple, clasp-less chains that are gently welded around your wrist. It’s a completely painless process that yields a beautiful piece of jewelry you’ll love forever. Each bracelet is designed to wear everyday,  so you can enjoy your shining treasure for years to come. And everytime you look down at your wrist, you’ll be reminded of the loved one you shared the experience with. 

A Variety of Choices

At Laskers, we have a wide selection of chains to match every style and budget. From our shimmering Bianca chain to our sparkling Tinsel piece, there’s something that will surely catch your eye. With 10 options to choose from in 14kt yellow, white and rose gold, both you and mom will find your perfect match. Browse our chain options online to choose your favorites ahead of your appointment. 

A Timeless Treasure

Permanent jewelry is a fashionable and lasting trend. With classic metal options, your dainty chain won’t go out of style anytime soon. And, since it’s welded on, it won’t go anywhere so you can wear it day in and day out with ease. It’s a piece of fine jewelry that you won’t even have to worry about losing. But, if you ever need to take it off, you can always visit Laskers to have your piece removed or fixed. 

Get Your Permanent Jewelry at Laskers 

Make your appointment to get Linked by Laskers today. The experience of receiving a sentimental piece together is the perfect way to commemorate your unconditional bond. Make an appointment at our Eau Claire or Rochester location to celebrate your special bond.