Expert Tips and Advice for Selling Your Jewelry

Posted on January 06 2021

Remember that old pair of earrings from your ex-boyfriend?  Or that pendant from your great aunt? Are they still sitting in the same safe place you put them when you got them?  We can help you determine the value of those pieces in a few easy steps.

It can be a hard choice to sell those pieces of jewelry. When you do decide to sell, the task can feel overwhelming. But it doesn’t have to be!

Whether you’re liquidating an estate or simply selling some old unwanted items, the process of selling your jewelry may seem like a mystery. However, our team at Lasker Jewelers is your best advocate! We use our experience, integrity, & diligence to make sure we are giving you the very best we can offer. For the best experience, there are some simple steps you can take before you visit the store to help us help you!

But before we jump into it, here’s a quick reminder: appointments are best for liquidating an estate, or if you have a large number of items. We charge a minimum fee of $75 per hour for an evaluation. If you decide to proceed in selling the items, this charge is refundable.

Selling Gold:

  • -Fun Fact! Gold alloys are NOT magnetic; iron is never used in them. When preparing your items for an evaluation, you can save time by applying a magnet to them and removing anything that is magnetic

  • -Separate items you know are gold from ones that you are uncertain about. Knowing which items are 10K, 14K, & 18K can help produce a more accurate evaluation

  • -Remove items from boxes, untangle any chains, & place jewelry in clear plastic bags. Separate rings, earrings, chains, bracelets, etc.

  • -We are happy to pay the value of the gold, but we do not buy any colored gems

  • -Ask your family if there is any interest in any if the items you are selling. The sentimental value may be worth much more. We would love to help repurpose special things!

Selling Diamonds:

  • -Round diamonds .75 carat and larger are most desirable. Please call ahead with all others: our experts can talk with you about what to expect

  • -Please bring any old appraisals, receipts, & diamond certificates.  We do NOT use the value assigned. We evaluate on a number of factors including wholesale value, condition, & market desirability. However, reports can be helpful tools in confirming carat weight & quality

  • -Gently clean diamonds with dish soap & a soft toothbrush before your appointment. Clean diamonds are easier for our professionals to assess

Selling your jewelry shouldn’t feel like a chore. Following these steps will help you have a smooth and easy experience. Our team is ready to help you!