Selling Gold and Diamonds

Posted on June 01 2023

We Can Take Used Jewelry Off Your Hands

Do you have dusty, out-of-date jewelry taking up space in your closet? Maybe your style has evolved, or perhaps you’re in a new chapter of life and no longer feel a connection with those old pieces. Selling gold and diamonds is a fantastic way to declutter your jewelry box and add fresh luster to your look. In the process, you’ll earn money that could go toward dazzling new pieces. Visit the team at Lasker’s today to sell your outdated jewelry and shop for a chic wardrobe update.

Why Sell to a Jeweler?

Buyers for gold and diamonds can typically be categorized into three different types: pawn shops, gold dealers and jewelers. We recommend taking your collection to a jeweler because they employ Master Jewelers who can accurately appraise each piece. They will consider factors like the current market values for the metals and gemstones, the condition of the item and the cost of production, in order to offer you the best possible price.

Expert Guidance with Integrity

At Lasker, we pride ourselves on honesty and transparency when dealing with your possessions. We understand the sentimental value of jewelry as well as the monetary value and will always treat your collection with the sensitivity it deserves. Our team of experts is specifically trained to assess precious metals, diamonds, watches and more. We also love to educate, teaching you about the art of fine jewelry evaluation, providing you with information and telling you about all your options.

Not Ready to Sell?

That’s okay! It’s completely up to you to decide whether or not it’s the right time to sell your collection. We are happy to simply educate you about the value of your precious items, and you are under no obligation to part with your pieces.

Give Us a Ring Today

If you’re wondering what your jewelry is worth, call us or click here today to arrange an appointment at one of our locations. Bring it into our Rochester, MN, store or our location in Eau Claire, WI, and our knowledgeable team will guide you through the process of how to sell gold and diamond jewelry. Shake the dust off your old gold and shake things up at Lasker!