Style Breakdown: Engagement Rings

Posted on May 28 2020

Get to Know Some of the Different Styles Out There

The way your engagement ring looks matters a lot. It isn't some fashion accessory, but a representation of your relationship. And the best way to get the right look for you is to understand the common styles that are out there. Pinning down the general style types can help you understand better the engagement ring you want to buy in the long run. This blog highlights some of the engagement ring styles to help you find the ring that's right for you.




1. The Solitaire

Solitaire rings have headlined the realm of engagement rings for many years. Classic and known for the simple beauty of the single center diamond, this style is a great option for a traditional look. The center diamond is the focus. And while some solitaire rings may feature a small accent diamond set into the side of the crown that holds the center stone, the emphasis here is on that one diamond. 

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2. Pave

Similar to the solitaire style, pave rings often draw the eye towards the center diamond. This style is characterized by the smaller diamonds that are set on the shanks or sides of the ring. Popular pave style rings can often look very similar to a solitaire ring, but the added diamonds provide another level of sparkle to the ring. The style is a perfect choice if you want that traditional feel with an added brightness. 


3. Halo 
Halo Rings

Radiating brilliance and decadence, this style of ring has a center diamond that is surrounded by many smaller diamonds. The surrounding diamonds create a halo, which is the name for these beautiful rings. Sometimes, a ring may have more than one halo, which increases the overall sparkle of the ring. The halo style is great if you're looking for a big feel. 


4. Channel

Channel set rings get all the style from the way the accent diamonds are set. Unlike in the pave ring, this style has its side diamonds nestled into a channel that gives a different look entirely compared to a ring with pave-set diamonds. The center stone has a different type of setting that allows it to shine spectacularly.


5. Three Stone

As the name states, a three-stone style is a ring that features three stones. These stones are of a significant size, though the center stone will remain the largest. The side stones might be the same shape as the center stone or they could be a different shape altogether. Side stones alos may be another gem other than diamond, like sapphire. Accent diamonds are an additional feature of a three stone ring, though not all rings in this style will have the smaller diamonds. In recent years, the wow-factor of this ring has made it a very popular style to consider. 

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6. Vintage

Another popular style is the vintage ring. Vintage rings will usually feature a lot of intricate designs. Along the sides of these rings, you will often see hand engravings and miligrain beading that adds a layer of delicate elegance to the jewelry piece. The designs in vintage pieces recall earlier time periods of jewelry-making, though the style is different from buying an antique ring or an estate ring. Becasue of the historic feel of these rings, the style can be a fantastic choice for a unique ring.


7. Non-Traditional 

For those looking for a distinctly different style, the non-traditonal ring is a great option. With these rings, it is common for the featured stone to be a gemstone such as sapphire or ruby. Non-traditional engagement rings can also have features such as a wider band or a stone that hovers above or below the band. There are many variations of this style that provide limitless options to make a truly unique and beautiful ring.


Some Last Thoughts. . . 

At the end of the day, you'll want the ring you choose to truly represent your relationship. It can feel overwhelming to sift through all the information out there on the web. In fact, it can sometimes feel as though you are lossing sight of what really matters. Just remember, whatever style you choose, your ring will radiate with the beauty of your relationship. And if you feel stuck along the way to finding the right ring, don't be afraid to make an appointment with a jewelry professional. 

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