Why buy diamonds at Laskers?

Posted on November 02 2023

With about 100 years in the boutique, diamond and jewelry business, Laskers is a trusted local source for real information about diamonds and what to consider when purchasing a diamond. View our diamond buying guide.

We believe so much in our commitment to quality, that we extend the Lasker Promise on diamond jewelry purchased from us at no additional cost to you. 

Our diamond experts carefully analyze each loose diamond we purchase; hand-picking every diamond and rejecting diamonds that don’t meet our standards. We never buy a diamond based on a grading report alone, and neither should you. 

All diamonds are sorted into two main groups: natural and lab-grown, based on how they're made. As for natural diamonds,  Laskers sources two of the most unique and distinctive natural diamond brands, both of which have trademarked features: Fire & Ice Diamonds and Facets of Fire Diamonds. In addition to Fire & Ice and Facets of Fire diamonds, we source conflict-free natural diamonds from many parts of the world and have carefully curated a Lasker Select collection of unbranded but carefully reviewed natural diamonds.

Find out a little more about natural diamonds, laboratory grown diamonds, Fire & Ice Diamonds, and Facets of Fire Diamonds here. Our expert sales team can demonstrate the differences with you in store, and help you make choose what is right for you.


Fire & Ice Diamonds are the result of extensive research conducted by the Gemological Institute of America (GIA) and the American Gem Society (AGS) concerning the behavior of light in a diamond. Building on this new understanding of the science of light return, Fire & Ice Diamonds are cut to precise angles and proportions to maximize the radiant light and sparkle emerging from the top of the gem.

Bigger, brighter and whiter, even compared to other Excellent and Ideal cuts, every Fire & Ice Diamond reaches the highest standard for cut, proportions, symmetry and light return from the GIA grading laboratory.

To ensure quality, value and peace of mind, each Fire & Ice diamond .50ct and larger is inscribed with the GIA certificate number and the Fire & Ice diamond logo.  Fire and Ice diamonds come in Round, Oval, Cushion, and Princess-Cut Shapes.

While many diamonds are spread too shallow or cut too deep to retain weight from the original rough — at a dramatic sacrifice of potential Brilliance, Fire and Scintillation — a Fire &Ice Diamond is cut to precise angles and proportions to maximize the radiant light and sparkle that emerge from the top.  Diamonds cut to the precise portions will reflect and refract light in a vivid display of Brilliance, Scintillation and Fire.

Every Fire & Ice AGS-certified diamond consistently delivers a bigger, brighter and whiter appearance. That’s because Fire & Ice has a narrower set of acceptable proportions than GIA Excellent and AGS Ideal cut diamonds. When you compare any two Fire & Ice Diamonds, you’ll notice how remarkably similar they are in proportion, polish and symmetry.

The precise angles of the Fire & Ice Diamond facets give it the largest diameter possible while efficiently reflecting light through the top. This allows the diamond to avoid light leakage and the “fisheye” effect. The Fire & Ice Diamond appears even larger than most other GIA Excellent and AGS Ideal cut diamonds. 

FACETS OF FIRE – More Color. More Fire. More Sparkle.

More than just stunningly beautiful, Facets of Fire Diamonds feature the most significant innovation* in diamond cutting in 100 years. The nano-technology perfected by our diamond master craftsmen etches thousands of invisible nano-prisms onto the pavilion of a beautifully polished, natural diamond, like “facets within facets.” When white light passes through these nano-prisms, it releases a thrilling burst of color, known as a diamond’s fire. The result is an unimaginable level of colorful brilliance that is truly revolutionary. 

Recognized by the Gemological Institute of America and The American Gem Society as an advanced cutting technique, the Facets of Fire technology is protected by six national and international patents. The latest US Patent No. 10,893,727 obtained in 2020, confirms this technology is unique and different from anything previously patented or available to the public.

Facets Of Fire Diamonds are available with and without GIA Laboratory reports in a wide range of color and clarity grades.  The color dispersion is electric as glistens off engagement rings, wedding bands, fashion rings, earrings, pendants, and bracelets.  

Lasker Jewelers is both excited and proud to be at the forefront of the most technological advancement the art of diamond cutting has seen in 100 years.


Beyond being a proud partner of Fire & Ice and Facets of Fire branded diamonds, Lasker Jewelers also carries a large inventory of what we call, Lasker Select Diamonds.  Our very own in-house buyers work with some of the world’s largest diamond cutters and meticulously hand-select diamonds for their beauty and value. Each diamond is individually evaluated for cut, clarity, and color.    

Our diamond inventory consists of a vast range of shapes, qualities and broad spectrum of prices. Laskers grades each diamond using the strictest of standards.  Diamonds of the same grade are not created equally, which is why our buyers select diamonds using stringent criteria that has been adhered to for decades.   We never buy a diamond based on a grading report alone, and neither should you. 



Newer to the diamond world are laboratory-grown diamonds, and Laskers offers a full assortment of shapes and sizes of lab diamonds.  We take the same care in selecting our lab-grown diamonds as we do with natural diamonds, ensuring the proper quality and value.

Lab-grown diamonds are chemically identical to natural diamonds, both being made of pure carbon in a cubic crystalline form. The difference is how they are formed. Natural diamonds form deep within the earth over millions of years, while lab-grown diamonds are created in a laboratory in a matter of weeks. This difference makes it relatively easy for most jewelers to tell the two apart using testing equipment

Lab-grown diamonds are a product of technology, and as such, their prices are subject to severe and rapid fluctuations as production methods become more efficient and more producers enter the market. Lab-grown diamonds are currently a more affordable option than natural diamonds, but their long-term value is uncertain due to the increasing supply. In fact, prices have fallen by over 70% in the last two years alone.

All Lasker associates are knowledgeable about lab-grown diamonds and are happy to help you decide if they are the right choice for you.