About Us

Lasker Jewelers is a family-owned fine jewelry store that has served Eau Claire, Wisconsin since 1928. We also have a store in Rochester, Minnesota that was founded by the Blickle family in 1884 and acquired by Lasker Jewelers in 1973. Lasker Jewelers was established in downtown Eau Claire by Max Lasker over 80 years ago. Max Lasker's mission was simple: to provide each customer with the attention and respect that they deserve. Buying jewelry from Lasker Jewelers is a simple, no pressure experience. Shop with us today!

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Our History

 Learn about the 90 years our family-owned business has celebrated love stories. From Eau Claire, WI to Rochester, MN, we are here to help your story last forever. 











Our Team

          Lasker Jewelers' employees are what make Laskers so special and successful. Get to know your Lasker Team!