Liz Lasker Falkner

Liz Lasker Falkner
Vice President
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I have been raised working at Lasker Jewelers.  At age 13, I would ride my bike to the former downtown location where I took out the garbage, cleaned and learned to engrave.  Since those early days, I've held a variety positions within the company.  While in college, I attended my first major trade show with my father, Charles Lasker.  It was then that I realized how well-respected my father and his business was in the jewelry community.  I felt then, as I do now, proud to be his daughter and eager to learn the business.  After college, I worked in the hospitality industry. That experience prepared me for much of what I do in my daily work at Lasker’s.  I love working with my family and I’m proud to be the third generation of Laskers' working in the business. Eau Claire has been a extremely supportive community which has led to our success. We love to give back to the community to show appreciation for our success.

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